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Embedding the map into your own website used to support embedding the map into external web sites via iframes. However, it is not clear if this feature will be available in future because this service is financed by showing ads provided by Google. Unfortunately Google has a very restrictive licence which does not allow ads to be shown in an iframe.

To solve this problem decided to start an experiment. And here the good news: You are allowed to embed the map into our own web site and it is free. The frame will be even ad-free. However, please keep in mind, there is no guarantee that this special feature will be free or even available in future. It is only experimental.

To activate frame support you have to do following:

  • Put the greenalp logo below or above the map by adding the code below to your web site.
  • Send your request to informing you want to embed the map into you site. Your request needs to contain the username to be unlocked and the URL of your own web site. logo

Well, thats all. After inserting the code you have the permission to embed the map into your site. To embed the map you can use the sample code below (replace "demouser" with your own username).

IFrame sample code


  • If you want to load the satellite view instead of the map view just append the maptype parameter to your iframe URL (e.g. "&maptype=satellite" or "&maptype=hybrid").
  • If you want to load a different zoom level append the zoom parameter to your iframe URL (e.g. "&zoom=14").