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Privacy statement
This application is designed to share your location information with other people. To share your your location, Greenalp processes your data as following:
  • When you register your account, Greenalp will generate a unique URL for your account. If other users (even if they are anonymous) open this URL they will be able to check your location. If you don't want other users to see your location you can restrict the view permission in the permission settings of this web portal. You can restrict access either to yourself only, or to all users that you have accepted as friends.
  • Greenalp will store cookies in your browser to be able to identify you as account owner and protect your account from any illegal access by any other user.
  • If you send an email to Greenalp your email will be stored in the mail inbox of Greenalp.
  • If you purchase any extra items Greenalp will store the transaction data. This data is required to activate the ordered feature correctly. Beside this data is required for legal reasons (tax payment, etc.). Greenalp will also store your email address provided if provided with the transaction to be able to contact you if there is any important issue related to your order.
Greenalp does not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. However, as many other websites and Android apps, Greenalp uses Google Adsense to display ads on the website, and Google Admob to display ads on the Android app itself. Both services belong to Google. If you would like to know how Google processes your data please click here:
Google Privacy & Terms
Google Data Procesing
Android Permissions
This tracker provides many extra features, for this reasons certain Android permissions are required. If you check the required permissions on your phone you will see following list:
Your personal information
read call log, read your contacts
When sending your guest url to your friends via email or SMS you can enter your friends' names into the address field. While typing the app will try to assist you suggesting the email addresses and phone numbers of the matching names (i.e. name auto completion). To do this the app needs to read your contact list, and requires permission READ_CONTACTS. The contact list is not analyzed and stays safe on your phone.
Services that cost you money
send SMS messages
The tracker allows to send your guest links either via email or via SMS. When you choose to send via SMS the app will need the SEND_SMS permission. Please note: sending a SMS might cost money (depends on your mobile provider plan).
Your messages
receive text messages (SMS)
The tracker supports receiving remote commands via SMS, i.e. you can configure a private SMS password and use this password to start the tracker remotely. For this feature the RECEIVE_SMS permission is required.
Your location
precise (GPS) location
People use this tracker to show their location on Google Maps so of course the tracker needs to determine their location as exact as possible. For determining the location the permission ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION is required.
Network communication
full network access
The tracker needs to send your location to the Greenalp Server so it can be displayed on Google Maps. For this reason the permission INTERNET is required.
modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
The tracker provides not only Google Maps as map provider, you can also choose Open Street Maps (OSM). The library can optionally cache map tiles on the phone's sdcard. For this feature the permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is required.
Phone calls
read phone status and identity
The app uses Google Admob to display ads. As a seconds ad provider the app also used to display ads served by mobclix which requires the permission READ_PHONE_STATE. Please refer to to read their privacy statement. Currently mobclix is disabled on the tracker so this permission is not effective.
System tools
change network connectivity, prevent phone from sleeping
Some phones have problems when entering sleep mode while waiting for the next GPS fix. You can optionally configure your tracker to stay awake while waiting for the GPS fix. For this feature the permission WAKE_LOCK is required.
Your location
access extra location provider commands
Some old GPS chips have problems to receive the GPS signal. The app provides some tweaks which can be enabled in the settings and which might improve the GPS signal processing. To provide this feature the permission ACCESS_LOCATION_EXTRA_COMMANDS is required.
Development tools
test access to protected storage
This permission is automatically granted by the Android phone because the app has the Storage permission.
Network communication
Google Play billing service, receive data from Internet, view network connections
As requested by many users the app supports now to buy the privilege for using an ad-free app. You can enable the ad-free version buy pushing your phone's menu key and choosing the in-app purchasing. For this feature the permission "" is required. The tracker optionally supports to enable/disable your data connection automatically to save battery. For this feature the permissions ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE and MODIFY_PHONE_STATE are required.
Your accounts
Find accounts on the device
You can send remote commands to your tracker not only via SMS, instead you can also send remote commands from the web portal itself. Greenalp uses Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) to send your remote commands to your phone. GCM requires permissions the and GET_ACCOUNTS.
Read GServices
Read GServices
Needed for some ad services which use the Google Advertising Id. More information
Hardware controls
control vibration
You can optionally configure the tracker in the settings to vibrate on incoming messages sent via the Greenalp web portal. For this feature the permission VIBRATE is required.
System tools
run at startup
The app allows to send your guest either via email or via SMS. When you choose to send via SMS the app will need the SEND_SMS permission.
Read and change WIFI State
read WIFI state, enable/disable WIFI
You can use the remote control section in the web portal to enable WIFI which should improve the network location accuracy. Likewise you can disable WIFI to save battery. These features require permissions ACCESS_WIFI_STATE and CHANGE_WIFI_STATE.