Can I download Data from phone?

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Can I download Data from phone?

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Just recently used your product and like an idiot, I turned off my phone to help with power. I didn't think about the phone being my data until I noticed the phone was not showing on the webpage. When I got the phone back, the app continued running and shows the route on the map. I would like to know how I can download / sync / access via file share this information. Even if it is the raw data, I would like to get this information on my computer so I can analyze it. When it is on the phone, I can't click on the path traveled and have it show Time, Speed ... I can only see the path traveled.

Is it possible to access / transfer this infomation to the computer once it is on the phone?
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Re: Can I download Data from phone?

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I'm sorry, but it looks like I cannot help in this case. It is not possible to export the data of the mobile app because it is automatically sent to the web server anyway (if internet is available). Maybe a feature to resynchronize data will come in future.
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