Track loading working?

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Track loading working?

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Hi Florian

Sorry to bother you again.

Can you please confirm that Track Loading is active on this account: ... ewanderers
Please see attached the order confirmation.
There is no filter but the first couple of points of the track are not shown any longer…and I definitely have not yet reached 1mio points yet.

Thanks and Rgds
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Re: Track loading working?

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Hi Marc,
by default the map shows only the latest 1000 trackpoints. If you are TrackLoading user, you can adapt the default settings by adding url parameters.

For example, to show the latest 10000 trackpoints instead of only 1000 you could add "&maxtracksize=10000":

Alternatively, if you want to specify the exact time range that should be displayed on the map, you could specify date and time by adding for example this:
"&starttime=201907012000&endtime= 201907071400".
If you append this to your URL the map would show the track starting at July 1st, 20:00 UTC and ending at July 7th 14:00 UTC.

Important: To make this working you first will need to set the trackview permissions in your settings to "guest users". This will allow your viewers to see more than than the last 1000 location updates.

To sum it up:
1.) Please change your track view permissions
2.) Try for example this url: ... size=10000
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