Server getting bad position data from me…

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Bob Blaylock
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Server getting bad position data from me…

Post by Bob Blaylock » Fri Dec 30, 2016 9:21 pm

My wife and I have been using this service for several years to keep track of each other.

Lately, it is not working correctly for my wife to track me. I can see my wife's position just fine, but my position, she usually sees me as being at home, even when I am elsewhere. My position and path show correctly in the app on my Android phone, but if I look at the map vie the GreenAlp web site, I see my position at home, with occasional brief jumps to my actual positions. Looking this morning, I see on my phone my correct path from my home in south Sacramento, California, to Lincoln, California, about forty miles away. Looking at the web site, I see lots of jumps between my home position and various positions along that route. I'll have to add pictures to this thread when I am at home later, and able to do so via my own computer.

I guess the essential point is this: The app on my phone is correctly recording and displaying my position and path, but it is either sending bad data to the GreenAlp server, or else the GreenAlp server is messing these data app after receiving them, before it sends them to my wife or displays them via its web site.

My account is under the username “BobBlaylock”.

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Re: Server getting bad position data from me…

Post by admin » Sun Jan 08, 2017 4:11 pm

This problem was caused by running the same Greenalp count on two different phones at the same time. After stopping the tracker on one phone the problem has disappeared.

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