Network location update not working

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Re: Network location update not working

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About the storage permission. I added it because it's needed if you want to use offline maps.
You could remotely check if the app is running, if you just login to the web portal, open the remote control and you send a command. If you a reply it's running. Maybe the best idea is first to send a "start service" command, because if it wasn't running before it should run after this command. But of course the device needs to be connected to the Internet.

About the GPS: Location permission is not enough. You also need to enable GPS in you Android System Settings.

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Re: Network location update not working

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Just want to provide an update:

The Samsung A20 actually is on Android 10.

Also, I enabled developer mode, and went in and checked running services. The RealtimeTracker2 Service was not running.
So looks like this is the reason I'm not seeing updates on the location of the device.

How do we get this fixed? Autostart and Auto-continue are both enabled in the App on this phone.


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